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Occupational Hazard

Dazey Bones Rocker

Lady Zombrie #89

Position - Pivot / Jammer

Derby History - eeerrrmmmmm.......I really love skating!

Birthdate / Age - 28

Previous Sports - Baseball, soccer, basketball, dance

Injuries - Broken ankle, messed up rotator cuff, dislocated rib, crush injury in my left knee, sprained MCL with a torn meniscus in my right knee

Hometown - Tuscon, AZ

Profession - Specimen Courier

Favorite Movie - Star Wars 5 & 6. The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Lion King and other Disney movies.

Pump up Jam  - Fight Song - Unstoppable by Motionless in White or anything NSYNC. Don't judge!!

Pre bout rituals - Eating really good. And watching lots of high level derby.

After bout favorites - Chilling

Favorite Derby Player - I do not just have one. I admire a lot of players. Steph Mainey and Carmen Getsome are some of the best versatile players I love watching. Bonnie Thunders is the strongest jammer I've seen. Lexi Lightspeed with her agility. Scald Eagle and Lauren Mutch with their agility and power. Jes Rivas, Juke Box, Sexy Sladie, and Olivia Coupe are such strong blockers that I look up to.

Wild Sockeye #9

Position - Jammer that dreams of being a utility

Derby History - Bootcamp in May 2011. Began training for Whidbey in 2013. Served as Team Captain for 2015 to present. Served on BOD as Secretary.

Birthdate / Age - 29

Previous Sports - Tennis

Injuries - Separated shoulder from a non-dominant transition fail

Hometown - Oak Harbor

Profession - Fruit Stacker / Army Reservist

Favorite Movie - Stranger than fiction

Pump up Jam  - Fight Song - Any, whatever is getting the people around me pumped, attitudes are contagious. N'Sync never fails

Pre bout rituals - Drinks with beetjuice, black coffee, stashing Jamie's 2 cents in my bra, donning fresh socks, pretending I'm not nervous

After bout favorites - Getting to hug my opponents

Favorite Derby Player - Bonnie Thunders for her unwavering business face and absolute commitment to "playing the game"

Kay Oss #10fidy

Position - Jammer / Blocker / Utility

Derby History - WIRG for 4 years

Birthdate / Age - 33

Previous Sports - snowboarding, kite boarding, competitive free skier

Injuries - too many to count

Hometown - Olga, WA

Profession - Professional kite flier

Favorite Movie - Hmmm…. uh… Water world? Or Road to Rio. Wait, I don’t know, I like a lot of movies. Maybe ask me my favorite book. Wait. No. Bad Idea, I have tons of books that are my favorite. 

Pump up Jam  - Fight Song - Die Another Day - Madonna

Pre bout rituals - look over all of my skate equipment while thinking about bout goals, what is realistic, what I expect of myself and what I expect of my teammates

After bout favorites - Relaxing quietly. Used to be the after party type, but really, I just want to go enjoy some quiet time and let my body and mind recover while eating then falling asleep. 

Favorite Derby Player - Stefanie Mainey of London Roller girls

C3P-Ouch #27

Position - Pivot / Jammer / Blocker / Utility

Derby History - 3 years with Rose City Rosebuds on DSDD, 2 of those on All Stars. 

Birthdate / Age - Not old enough for the after party....

Previous Sports - figure skating, synchronized swimming

Injuries - a concussion or two

Hometown - Marble, Minnesota / Portland, Oregon

Profession - Sailor

Favorite Movie - Some bad musical or another...

Pump up Jam  - Fight Song - Whatever is on will do

Pre bout rituals - Food

After bout favorites - Forgot to mention Food

Favorite Derby Player - too many to pick

Gell Fling #333

Position - Blocker

Derby History - Been with WIRG since Nov 2010

Birthdate / Age - 33

Previous Sports - None

Injuries - Sprained ligaments in collarbone 2012. Sprained right knee while jamming 2016. Fractured right pinky in 2017.

Hometown - Oak Harbor, WA

Profession - Warehouse Clerk / Forklift Driver

Favorite Movie - Dark Crystal

Pump up Jam  - Fight Song - Sia - Unstoppable

Pre bout rituals - Relax and eat tasty foods.

After bout favorites - Food! Sometimes just dessert and a delightful beverage.

Favorite Derby Player - Brawn Swanson

Mama Bear #2150

Position - Blocker

Derby History - I have always been a skater...mom had my sister and I on skates by the time we were 2. But I didn't start derby until March 2015.

Birthdate / Age - 36

Previous Sports - None..I mean it..This is the first athletic activity I have ever attempted to do. And I love it!!!

Injuries - Bursitis in both knees. Sprained right ankle. Oh the derby love.

Hometown - Rushville, IL

Profession - Pre-school Teacher

Favorite Movie - Circle of Friends

Pump up Jam  - Fight Song - None...I just get excited about playing

Pre bout rituals - Listening to audiobooks

After bout favorites - Frozen Yogurt

Favorite Derby Player - I don't know many out side of my small circle of derby friends, but there are many attributes from each skater that I admire greatly. From attitude to ability to help others learn, from amazing agility to strong stability, from a fierce fire to play to the strong determination to never give up, there are so many skaters who I look up to.

Ginger PoundCake #16 oz

Position - Blocker, Relief Jammer

Derby History - Started derby August 2014 at 39

Birthdate / Age - 42

Previous Sports - Dancing, softball, track

Injuries - None derby related

Hometown - Oak Harbor, WA

Profession - Wood Shop Teacher

Favorite Movie - I fall asleep watching anything non-animated so I guess I don't have one...

Pump up Jam  - Fight Song - Not anything particular but just about any booty shaking music out there

Pre bout rituals - Eat all the ice cream!

After bout favorites - More ice cream! and maybe a snow cone

Favorite Derby Player - This is a tough one. I look at every player as a person, not to put anyone on a pedestal, for we are all equal. The player that inspired me the most is a player from my very own team. Glory S. Tits #8008. I loved watching her breakdown the wall of the athlete stereotype.

Adelita Beatah #562

Position - Blocker

Derby History - First time on skates in my life was my first day in bootcamp Spring of 2011. Developed a love/hate relationship for years to come and finally 2015 I fell in love with derby, stayed committed and I'm here to stay for life.

Birthdate / Age - 12-19-82

Previous Sports - Tennis, kickboxing

Injuries - Concussions

Hometown - Norwalk, CA Los Angeles Fresh 

Profession - Program/Case Manager at the Opportunity Council 

Favorite Movie - Labyrinth

Pump up Jam  - Whatever song is going to make me work, work, work, work, work

Pre bout rituals - Dance out the nervous nellys trying to take over my mind

After bout favorites - Dance Party!

Favorite Derby Player - Glory S. Tits! She's kind of a big deal definitely my hero, my inspiration!

Chefzilla #86

Position - Utility - Jammer/Blocker

Derby History - Started bootcamp in Feb 2012 at 45 yo, became a full-fledged WIRG in April 2012. I have also skated as a pickup skater with SVRD and Aftershocks.

Birthdate / Age - 51

Previous Sports -  Swimming / Diving, basketball, ice hockey and flag football

Injuries - Severely sprained ankle in July 2013

Hometown - Cordova, Alaska

Profession - Chef / Teacher

Favorite Movie - Almost anything by Mel Brooks

Pump up Jam  - Currently "Run this World" Beyonce

Pre bout rituals - Listening to Zen Derby, potatoes and eggs for breakfast, focusing and centering

After bout favorites - After Party Meal

Favorite Derby Player - Mick Swagger

Pink Oleander #796

Position - Blocker

Derby History - Skating for 2 years. My daughter started skating about 4 years ago and was having so much fun that I decided to give it a try. And now we both are having a lot of fun :)

Birthdate / Age - 38

Previous Sports -  Soccer

Injuries - Broken left wrist twice

Hometown - Mount Vernon, WA

Profession - Family & Consumer Sciences (Home Ec.) Teacher

Favorite Movie - Sandlot

Pump up Jam  - Currently "Run this World" Beyonce

Pre bout rituals - None

After bout favorites - None

Favorite Derby Player - Hal-Luci-Nation and Evilyna from Mob City Misfits, my daughters

Happy Killmore #99

Skater name- Happy Killmore Skater # 99

Position- I am usually a jammer. I would like to become a better blocker, so that I could be a utility player. Someday...

Derby history- I joined a boot camp August 2014 at SVRD, and skated with them until we became the Aftershocks. I joined Whidbey August 2017 Birthdate/age- 9/17/79

Previous sports- Track Injuries- From derby, just an ac joint shoulder seperation.

Hometown- I was born in California, moved around a lot, and then moved to Sedro Woolley in 2010.

Profession- Right now I clean rental homes. I haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up yet.

Favorite movie- It is hard for me to pick favorites, and it depends on my mood. I do like almost every Adam Sandler movie. Wedding Singer is one of my faves.

Pump up jam- It also depends on my mood. 90s rock/alternative and classic rock is usually what I listen too.

Pre bout rituals- I drink a lot of water the day before, and find some derby online to get me pumped up.

After bout favorites- A beer and a shower

Favorite derby player- I don't have a favorite. There are so many amazing skaters that I look up too on and off our team.

Freakin Rican #809

Position: Pivot

Derby history: 2 years playing with the Key West Derby Dames and Miami Vice City Rollers

Birthday/age: 7/19/85

Previous sports

Injuries: Strained lower back/hyper extended thumb  

Hometown: Miami, FL

Profession: none at the moment 

Favorite movie: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Pump up jam: Hard in da paint

Pre bout ritual: Pooping lol

After bout favorites: After Party Drinking and shenanigans

Favorite derby player: Freight Train

Stinging Mettle


Haz Yo Keys

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Machete & Meatballs

Bench Coach Extraordinaire

Civil Mayhem

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