Fresh Meat Roller Derby Boot Camp

Class Levels

There are two beginning levels of training that we offer. Throughout each session, you will be continuously assessed on your ability to move on to the next level. 


Practices are Tuesdays 6p -7p and Thursdays 6p - 7p. 

Optional practice Sunday 5p - 7p.

OrientationJanuary 19th, 6-7pm at the Roller Barn in Oak Harbor.

Next Boot Camp Info

Level One | Skating Skills & Intro to Derby

• Feb 2 - 27, 2020

• 4 Weeks, Tuesdays & Thursdays 6p - 7p

Additional practice Sundays 5p - 7p

• $50 registration

This class is for anyone new to skating or roller

derby. No previous experience is required. All

“Derby Training.”

practices at this level are non-contact. Not sure

if derby is for you? This is the place to start.

You’ll learn starting and stopping, form,

crossovers, general skater fitness and other

principles of derby skills.

Level Two | Derby Training

• March 1 - 26, 2020

• 4 Weeks, Tuesdays & Thursdays 6p - 7p

Additional practice Sundays 5p - 7p

• $50 registration

Once you finish Level One, you will be moved into

this intermediate class we call “Derby Training.”

We will spend time refining some of the skills you

learned in Level One and introduce roller derby

contact*, strength & endurance training, and

develop an understanding of the WFTDA Ruleset.

* Session may be canceled and participants’ money refunded if there are not enough people signed up for a particular level. Dates subject to change.

** Though men are welcome to participate in classes, contact drills will be women only.

What exactly is Boot Camp?

Whidbey Island Roller Girls Basic Training & Derby Boot Camps are designed to train and develop skaters of all levels from beginner to scrimmage ready. No prior skating experience necessary.

Who can join?

WIRG Basic Training and Derby Boot Camps are for anyone 18 and up who want to learn and play roller derby, want to become a skating official or just work on your skating or derby skills. It is open to all skill levels. Our boot camps can include men, though derby contact will be women only.

What gear do I need?

All participants must wear all required safety gear. No exceptions. 
Elbow pads 
4 wheel (quad) roller skates / Inlines are acceptable only for Referees 

You will learn more about gear in the Gear Guide document in the Online Orientation Process. Do not buy any gear until you have read the Gear Guide. 

What do I need to bring to practice?

Wear workout clothes and bring a water bottle. We will do land based exercises so please bring gym shoes. You will be expected to have all required safety gear in good repair or you will not skate.

Optional items include spare laces, duct tape, a bandana, hair ties, athletic tape, a black tee and a red tee. Please review the Gear Guide for a more detailed account of all the things you will need in your gear bag.

Do I need insurance?

Though strongly recommended, it is not required to have insurance for boot camps. Participants will sign a liability waiver upon registration. Upon entry into league (completion of tryouts), you will be required to purchase WFTDA insurance. You may choose to purchase WFTDA insurance before this completion of boot camp by clicking here. Skaters who have USARS insurance through their current league will be covered through WFTDA/USARS reciprocity. Unaffiliated skaters must purchase WFTDA insurance, not USARS. 

Can my friends watch?

All boot camp practices are closed practices. That means that to attend, you must be a registered participant; no spectators allowed. Don't fret, once you make the team, they will be able to see you in all of your Roller Derby glory! 

When is the next Boot Camp?

The newest boot camp schedule and descriptions can be found at the top of this page. If a boot camp has just ended, more info will be available on the next boot camp soon. 

I skated with another team previously, do I need to attend another boot camp?

For more information on how to transfer from another team, please visit our Transfer Skaters page.

I'm not sure I'm ready to commit. How can I still be down?

Not what you expected? That’s okay. You can still be a part of the action. Roller Derby takes a legion of people to make derby magic happen.  Volunteers can help with running bouts, assisting during practice, and more! We always appreciate our officiating staff, the W.I.S.E. Guys, who officiate and track statistics for each bout. We also will consider internships. Stop by our Volunteers page for more in depth information on how to lend a hand.


Anything the FAQ missed?

Contact us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also join the Boot Camp Orientation group for any updates on upcoming Boot Camps or events.

Frequently Asked Questions

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