Fitness for Derby

One of our favorite fitness sites is and their YouTube page can be found here and their Facebook page can be found here.

Here's a great fitness test video:

Here's an example of a great, simple exercise you can do with a few spare minutes of your time that will work on a few roller derby fitness aspects in mind. 


Strength of Body 

Strength of Mind


Here at WIRG, we believe in taking care of our bodies. What does that mean? We want to prepare you to be strong enough for derby, focused enough for derby, and flexible enough for derby. Lacking in any of those areas can lead to lapses in judgement and an inability to perform maneuvers safely.


If you join roller derby, we expect you to work out outside of practice and stretch accordingly and appropriately. We hope that you nourish your focused mind by becoming a student of the sport and preparing yourself mentally for practice and game time. We also expect for you to eat right so that your body is prepared for roller derby.

It's no secret that derby takes some powerful leg and core muscles. Here's a link to a sample training program for Roller Derby from Pivot Star. Strengthen these muscle and practice will be that much easier.

Here's a great article about Roller Derby Fitness from LiveStrong. 

Also, try:


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