Welcome to WIRG

On behalf of the Whidbey Island Roller Girls, I would like to welcome you all as our newest additions to the league. Congratulations! Your hardwork and perseverance have taken you a long way, and this is only the beginning. 


From now on, you will be joining us on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Roller Barn from 7:00 to 9:00 pm with all of the same gear listed in the Boot Camp Packet. If you are not on the skating floor by 7:10, you will be marked late and receive only ½ credit toward your attendance that day; also, if you leave the floor before cool down, you will be marked as "Left Early" and also be deducted partial credit for that day. 


League meetings are part of attendance worth 200% of a practice and are held the 2nd Monday of January, March, May, and September (subject to change). League dues of $50 plus tax and fees will be paid on the second Tuesday of every month. If your payment is late, you will be charged a late fee. If you have any questions concerning payments, contact Treasurer Ginger Poundcake at board@WIRG.org. Dues can be paid online at bit.ly/wirgdues2016.

Our team's motto is "STRONG. FOCUSED. TOGETHER." We take these words seriously and hold each other accountable at practices, scrimmages and bouts for our actions and attitudes. 


From JadedTales: We practice HARD and the attitude and pace will be different during league practices. Our team strives to learn each others strengths and weaknesses while improving our skating and derby playing skills and we do that through hours and hours of practice. Some practices are more laid back, but in general we have intense, fast paced practice. Smile through it and remember - it doesn’t get easier, but you do get better at it.


We  HIGHLY recommend you pick up a copy of Mind Gym and read through it - Derby is about 80% mental and the more you are mentally prepared for a challenging practice, the faster your derby career will take off. Remember - the coaching staff does not give false compliments. Trust our judgment. If we see something that needs corrected, we will let you know. If you have done well, we will let you know that too!

You will regularly be asked to extend your comfort zone - be it a physical limitation or a mental one. We don’t expect perfection, but we do expect progress, no matter how small. Celebrate your victories and we will celebrate with you!


If you haven't been already, you will soon be migrated from the WIRG Boot Camp Facebook group to the private WIRG league Facebook group. Just as it was in Boot Camp, this will be the main means of communication for league functions. There are several other communication methods depending on your needs. Please enter your contact info at bit.ly/wirgpeople and sign your Bylaws Agreement ASAP. Also, fill out the Boot Camp Feature Questionnaire at your earliest convenience. Thanks!


Here is a list to bookmark for future reference:

New Member To-Do List

WIRG Bylaws


Read these immediately. When you are done, please either: 


  1. 1) Print off the Bylaws Agreement (last page of Bylaws), sign and date, and return to Board@WIRG.org, or;

  2. 2) Click this link >> Bylaws Agreement (http://bit.ly/bylawsesign), fill it out, and submit.


WFTDA Insurance

Please purchase WFTDA insurance before December 31st. You will not be able to bout with us until we have a WFTDA insurance number for you.


Boot Camp Feature Questionnaire

WIRG has recently developed a rich public face thanks to our Public Relations Committee. This questionnaire will be utilized by PR to give an inside peek at what Boot Camp looks like from an attendees perspective. We could be using this in print advertisements and on our public League Facebook Page, so please consider your spelling and grammar in your responses. 

League Member Contact Form

This is our self-maintained contact list. Please, add yourself to this list with your most up to date information. If you do not know how to use Google Docs, please ask someone on the team to help you with this.


WIRG Private Facebook Group

This is our main Facebook group reserved for paying members/skaters for official business and Referees for rules clarification.


WIRG Fitness

A Facebook group for you to share your fitness goals and motivate each other to be better athletes.


WIRG Social Space

A Facebook group for members old and new, volunteers and pretty much anyone who has ever been involved with WIRG to keep in touch.


WISE Guys Facebook Group

Please join this group to find out about referee and NSO opportunities for WIRG and other leagues.


WIRG Videos

Private group for WIRG league members to post and review videos and pictures from practices, bouts and scrimmages for the purpose of goal setting and training visual aides.



WIRG Board of Directors

The business side of the house. 


Anonymous Board Feedback Form


Please use this form to communicate how you feel about policies and business of WIRG. It is anonymous unless you disclose your name.


WIRG Training Committee

The athletic side of the house.


Anonymous Training Feedback Form

Please use this form to communicate how you feel about practices, trainers, and drills. It is anonymous unless you disclose your name.

Absence and Tardy Reporting

If you will be late or missing practice, please report it here. If you will be missing more than one day, you will likely want to fill out an LOA instead.


LOA Request Form

The Leave of Absence is described in the Bylaws. You are limited to the number of days you can take per calendar year, but you will receive 50% credit toward attendance.  Please read more about them in the Bylaws.


League Member Contact Form

This is our self-maintained contact list. You will also find here who is in charge of what. Please, add yourself to this list with your most up to date information. If you do not know how to use Google Docs, please ask someone on the team to help you with this.

Monthly Dues Payment

Dues should be paid before the second Monday of each month. 


WIRG Attendance and Participation Records


Per the Bylaws, you are required to keep at least 60% attendance or 50% in the off-season. Please, check this link to see where you stand for roster eligibility and if you notice any discrepancies, please report them to the Secretary.


Contained in the same spreadsheet you will find the Participation Points and Incentive Credits record. If you have earned a point, please report it to the Secretary so that it can be recorded. If for any reason you feel that it should be waived, or there are any discrepancies, please let the secretary know as soon as possible. We will not be chasing anyone down to waive points or try to figure out what jobs you've done. If you've done something, make sure we know.

Paricipation Master List


Check this list to see what tasks and events are avalible for credit.


WIRG Logo Request Form

Request to use of the WIRG logo.



There you will find a plethora of useful links and articles.

Other Important Bookmarks


We're so glad that you're here! Welcome to WIRG!

Please report any broken links to webmaster@wirg.org. Thanks!

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