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Published on Oct 10, 2014 - via WFTDA You Tube


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How the game is played:
Two 14-skater teams play two 30-minute periods. Each period consists of multiple "jams." Each jam is an opportunity for both teams to score points. A jam lasts two minutes unless the Lead Jammer calls it off herself. It is legal for a player to block her opponents with her hips, rear, and shoulders. It is not legal to block to the back, to trip, or to elbow ano ther skater. Players committing illegal actions go to the penalty box for a minute while their team plays short.


Jam Start:
Each team fields 4 blockers and 1 Jammer. Blockers attempt to take the position most advantageous for their Jammer while setting up to block the opposing Jammer. Play starts with a single whistle blast.


First Pass:
During the first pass, the first Jammer to pass all skaters in the pack legally is Lead Jammer. Lead Jammer status is signaled by the officials blowing two short whistle blasts and pointing at the Lead Jammer.


Second Pass:
In subsequent passes, Jammers earn 1 point for each opposing player they pass legally. The opposing Blockers will try to stop the Jammer, while helping their own Jammer through the pack.


– via WFTDA


As a member of the WFTDA, WIRG plays by the Women's Flat Track Derby Association ruleset, available online at 


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