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Getting to Know SAMURice

Come join us Friday, April 22nd @ the Roller Barn. We will be celebrating our beloved SAMURice #637, along with our WISE guys and WIRG roller girls. Check out our interview and learn more about the woman who is a dental assistant by day and a super hero by night. Special points to those that can guess her number origin without watching the interview (pagers anyone?).

SAMURice has been an indispensable blocker during her WIRG career, and has been many things to all of her derby family. Mother, Sister, Wife, Teammate and Veteran Leader. There is a relief that comes when you see her in your lineup and she is an integral part of welcoming new fresh meat to the league.

SAMURice is part of our expansive military community on Whidbey Island, and as such, will be transferring out later this year. To say we will miss her is an exceptional understatement. You won't want to miss this event so join us Friday night for a farewell tour with SAMURice. Find out about bootcamp and learn how to become a part of this amazing family. $3 off skates/$5 with rentals.


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