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5 Decades of WIRG Skaters

Many people my age dread reaching their 50th birthday; but on the eve of that milestone I am excited (& I have been for months). Now that I'm finally 50, my roller derby league, the Whidbey Island Roller Girls (WIRG), becomes a 5 decade team, with ROSTERED skaters in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, AND 60’s!! I am not sure of the statistics, but I am guessing out of the thousands of leagues across the globe, only a handful can lay claim to this. I am so proud of WIRG for being a league that embraces EVERYONE who is willing to put on skates, work hard, and be a part of this team.

It illustrates one of the things I love about this sport – anyone can do it! Size, shape, previous athletic ability, AND age mean nothing. If you are willing to put on skates, work hard, learn, and challenge yourself to continually improve, you can do derby! While many other people my age are experiencing health issues, often due to lifestyle choices of inactivity and unhealthy eating styles, I am the healthiest I have EVER been – confirmed by my doctor, and the way I FEEL. An added health benefit is the constant learning of something new, which studies have shown can prevent Alzheimer’s. When someone asks me how old I am, it never occurs to me not to tell them the truth – I am proud of my age AND what I can do at 50!

So for all of you out there who think you are too _________ (fill in the blank with almost any excuse you might have for not wanting to try roller derby, including being too old), if you really want it GO FOR IT!!! This sport embraces everyone, regardless of who you are, what you do, OR how old you are. If you are searching for the fountain of youth at the Sephora counter or the plastic surgeon, or waiting for someone to make you happy. The solution lies in a skate bag and on the flat track; and, like so many others, I haven’t been doing roller derby my whole life – I started at 45. And this is one of the best decisions I have EVER made! What are you waiting for? Derby ♥, Chefzilla #86

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