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RollerCon - My Experience

Finally the day I have been planning since November of last year is here. First day of RollerCon July 26, 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada. I am here. As the wheels touch down the pilot announces it is 10:30am and 110 degrees outside. Whew!

Within the hour, after retrieving my bags I arrive at Derby Central --- the Westgate Hotel and event center.

I hop in line to register with about 15 people in front of me and more quickly filling in behind me. Upon closer observation it is evident there are no normal people, we are all RollerCon attendees. This is going to be great!

After finding my room and settling in I head to get in line for RC registration. On my 2016 bucket list is: Skate on the Banked Track. I am careful to have my proof of insurance paperwork and ID ready. Once again I am as derby peeps call it, in the pace line.

It probably takes about 45 minutes to get through this pace line which of course is only RC attendees! We are all talking about where we are from, if this is our first time here, etc. Also, noticing our team mates and other skaters we know from competing teams, the excitement grows. We all receive a RC bag with our convention details and I pick the nearest seating to check out the schedule. The actual events will all start tomorrow.

Looking through the first days schedule, I notice, Banked Track open skate 9-10am!!! So, as it turns out first item on my RC list is first item on my Bucket list!

Wednesday morning dawns with the excitement of realizing one of my goals. All turns out well, I get on the Banked Track for my first skate of RollerCon!! Couldn’t be better. My heart is pumping out of my chest but, I skate with a big smile on my face and love of derby in my heart. Also, this afternoon there is a class for skating BT. I sign up and look forward to learning how to cross over on the tilt. A San Diego Derby Doll is the instructor, and team mates are also in the class with me. I couldn’t have dreamed it better! This of course is a highlight of my RC experience and I am not even through day one.

Everyday there are over 100 things to choose from on the schedule, on skates classes, off skates classes, scrimmages and A team bouts. There are a total of 8 skating tracks, only one is banked. So all day everyday it is the dream of a derby girls life. Just not enough hours in the day or energy in the body to do it all.

Before going, I figured this was probably the only year I would attend, I will turn 70 in October so I am not the average derby player. By the end I had skated 15 hours in four days, watched bouts and attended a couple parties. I made the most of my experience and exhausted myself beyond belief. Yet, as I am checking out and getting myself to the airport I find my mind taking me to next year and what I want to put on my 2017 Bucket list!!

Already saving for RollerCon 2017! Rollin’ On!

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