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From Our Vets to Yours

"Honor to the solider and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country's cause. Honor, also, to the citizens who cares for his brothers in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause." -Abraham Lincoln

On Veterans Day we honor the Brave men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. We are incredibly thankful for the sacrifices our nation's heros make so we can enjoy the freedoms we do. Did you know members of Whidbey Island Roller Girls and their families have served in the armed forces. Oak Harbor is the the Home of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, we are all somehow connected to someone who has served. As a team who values our motto, STRONG FOCUSED TOGETHER, we celebrate and honor those who have served.

Join us on Veterans Day Friday November 11, 7pm at the Oak Harbor Boys and Girls Club AKA Roller Barn, 98 NE Barron St, as we present Skate with Whidbey Island Roller Girls Featuring Fresh Meat Skater MizTif Strikes. MizTif Strikes #711 AKA Tiffany is a United States Navy Veteran. She is a recent graduate from our 2016 Roller Derby bootcamp. This a great opportunity to learn more about roller derby and how to get involved. You will meet different skaters with different skill levels.

MEET & GREET EXTRA - MizTif Strikes #711 Fresh Meat Blocker - Recent WIRG Bootcamp Graduate

Although MizTif has never played roller derby previously, that didn't stop her from stepping up to the challenge in our 2016 Bootcamp Sessions. She is 28 years young, hails from Philly and works as a Super Mom when she's not on the track. I've got a feeling you'll want to ask her about her Pump Up Song she listens to to get ready for bout day!!


Hear from a few of our Roller Girls and why Veterans Day is so special to them


My father was a veteran of the Vietnam War.

Adelita Beatah

I proudly serve those who have served as a Veteran homeless housing case manager for the Opportunity Council.

Valkyrie Brunnhit'ya

I am a Navy veteran who has a veteran spouse. My family has been honored by having at least one person in each generation join the military dating back prior to WWI.

Itsa Mazin

My husband is a Vietnam War Army Veteran. Both of my brothers and a nephew also served


I have been in the navy for almost a year


I recently joined the reserves after serving just over 12 years active duty in the Navy and my husband is about to retire after 20 years. My father served in Vietnam, and my grandfather served in WW2

Double Tea-Cups

I joined the Navy when I was 18. Right out of high school. I served in PA and IL for a total of 7 years. My grandfather and 1 uncle served in the Navy, had 1 uncle in the Army, 2 cousins in the Army, 1 cousin in the Air force. And my son keeps telling me he is going to join the Army


My dad is a Navy veteran, my father in law is an Air Force veteran, and my grandpa was in the Army.

For the last five years I have coordinated therapeutic services for military dependents


One grandfather was Army, one was Navy and present at Pearl Harbor. My father is a Vietnam Army veteran, several uncles were Navy and one was a Marine. I have a female cousin who works full time with the Army Guard, another female cousin is a nurse in the Air Force. My oldest brother is active duty Army and was 101st Airborne during Desert Storm. As for myself, after working over a year at NAS Fallon I decided to join the Navy out of high school in 2000. My CAG was the first to deploy after 9/11. We were among the first to drop bombs during Operation Enduring Freedom. My husband is currently about to start his 16th year of active duty Naval service

Nicky Pistol WhipHer

My father and four uncles are veterans of the Vietnam war. My husband is active duty in the Navy and has served for 11years so far

MizTif Strikes

My great grandfather, grandfather and father all served in different branches of the Military. I am a veteran of the Navy and currently trying to get into the reserves. My husband is on his fourteenth year active duty in the Navy.

Betty Blitzkrieg

I am an officer in the Royal Canadian Navy with 6 years under my belt and many more to come. My husband is also an officer in the Royal Canadian Navy with 12 years under his belt. Between the two of us we have served in submarines, minesweepers and frigates. We have sailed the Artic and circumnavigated Africa. We both look forward to long careers in service of Queen and country (Canada).


My uncle fought alongside American soldiers in Vietnam. I am a first born in America generation from Vietnamese refugee boat people; a product of the Vietnam War. My husband's grandfather was anesthesiologist in Vietnam. My husband is an Army Ranger veteran who was deployed to the middle east right after September 11thand was later stop-loss for a 2nd tour to Iraq. He now owns and operates a recruiting company that employs and finds jobs for fellow veterans.

Sin-der Block

My brother is a major in the Air Force, my dad and uncle were in the army reserves and my grandfather served in the army during wwII.

Pink Oleander

My grandfather served in the Marine Corps during WWII, my dad served in Navy during the Vietnam War, and my husband served in the Marine Corps for 8 years


My Grandfather was in the Alaska Territorial Guard during WW2 in Alaska, the only U.S. territory occupied during the war. My Dad served in Korea during the Vietnam war. My Great Grandma trained fighter pilots at her family's airport prior to and during WW1

Vixen YoGrills

My grandfather served in the army WW2

Kay Oss

Family served in the military from the USS Constitution on. I am the first women in my family to enlist Joined in March 2001, and served 8 years as a Persian Farsi translator in the Middle East for the Navy

Rack Attack

My grandfather served in the army aircore, my father in the air force and my husband has been in the Navy since 2008

Gell Fling

My brother is a Captain in the Army Reserves and my dad was a Senior Chief in the Navy. This photo was taken at my dad's retirement in 2004.

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